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Company Info


After almost a decade as a C level executive, and 4 years as CEO of a $40M regional Information Technology company, Bryan Gilliom was called to found Level 5 Coaching Group in 2013 based on his personal passion about the intersection of two core principles:


The very skills and habits that allowed the leader to make the shift from a Level 2 company to a Level 3 company become a new liability.  Learned patterns which allowed them to pass through the wall that typically impacts businesses at the 10-15 employee level, become a new wall as the energy and time in the leaders’ day becomes the limiter on the business.


We are passionate about helping founders and leaders break through that energy wall and get their lives back. We do this through providing focused energy, personal coaching, as well as sharing tools, skills and experience to enable the breakthrough to Level 4 and eventually to a Level 5 company.


In the process this transition not only changes the lives of the founders and leaders we work with but it impacts the lives of everyone in the organization as they are given the information, tools, and opportunity to live their own maximum potential.


This belief powers our motto, which in turn shapes everything else we do:


We don’t just transform companies, we change lives…



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