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KPI & Dashboard Development

dashboards_smImagine getting into your car, turning the key and pulling out for your daily drive to work. The difference is this car has no dashboard. You judge your speed by how fast it “feels” and by the cars around you. You shift gears based on listening to the whine of the engine. You check the health of your engine by trying to pay attention to strange noises and smells. You keep from running out of gas by checking your fuel level once a week with a dipstick.


Sound crazy? Sure it does, but many of our clients run their businesses this way, and even those leaders that do better themselves often have managers and team leaders who do. Yet we humans have a terrible habit of subjectivity, emotional bias, rationalization, and just plain denial when it comes to perception and measurement.


At Level 5 we help your company make the transition from an organization where emotion and opinion rule to one run by measurements and facts. We help you identify critical numbers for the key aspects of your business and then empower the people closest to that information to report Key Numbers in simple Red/Green terms to you and your leadership team. We help you make this type of “Management By Measurement” a core part of how your company runs.


In addition to improving performance and reaction time this type of management yields two other important benefits to owners and senior executives:


  • It removes you from the role of arbitrary and subjective “boss”. Measurements don’t lie, play favorites, or react arbitrarily. They simply are. This fact alone can change the tenor of your relationship with your entire team.
  • Trustable real-time views highlight the health of various aspects of your business allowing senior leaders to drastically reduce the time they spend manually/personally examining individual and team performance on an ad-hoc basis. The KEY to making this transition to a Level 5 company is now you and your leaders have this newly liberated time which can be utilized for strategic thinking, and ultimately to create balance for non-work priorities like family, hobbies, travel, or personal development.


Think only Fortune 500 companies can afford or manage these kinds of KPI reporting and dashboard?


Think again! By leveraging the power of the 80/20 rule and our N-Gage system, we focus on giving you the lion’s share of the value of these kinds of enterprise tools at an effort level any organization can sustain.