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Management Development

management_smIn many small and medium businesses the ranks of team and middle management are filled by subject or task experts who may have shown a spark or leadership ability. Sometimes they are just the best at their area of specialty. Rarely do these managers have any formal management or business training. This can often create havoc and turnover on teams. Often when it gets bad enough leadership is placed in a no-win situation of a demotion which is likely to drive off the employee (and the skills that got them selected in the first place) or a long term harm-mitigation strategy which necessarily comes with all sorts of challenges and negatives of its own.


What if there was another option? Working one on one with a professional coach can help develop the skills and tools that the manager needs to be successful in this new role. Often what these manager lack is not ability but experience and skills. Coaching, as opposed to coursework or consultants, helps overcome the “Intellectual Immune System” so common in technical or skills based experts.  This “Intellectual Immune System” often subconsciously rejects outside ideas and strategies. Think about how often you heard a new idea, thought it was the greatest thing, resolved to implement it, and then a week later it was gone from your mind.  A coach can help people build their own style on a foundation of sound principles and strategies.  By helping them come to these skills on their own, in a way that makes sense to them, we are able to avoid “rejection” by their intellectual immune system and build long-lasting skills an habits.


Our founding coach, Bryan Gilliom, started his career as a I.T. Engineer prompted to management.  He was able to successfully manage this transition, but he watched others fall through the chasm between “doer” and “leader”.  In Bryan’s tenure as an Executive and “C Level” officer he has lived through these types of situations more times than he would care to admit.  He learned the hard way as excellent technicians were promoted to incompetence in management and team leadership roles and then failed or had to be replaced. His unique background, experience with this situation, and perspective as a former skills based worker promoted to leadership himself; gives him a unique rapport in mentoring these types of team leaders and manager.