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On Logos and Balance


On Logos and Balance

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I am a creative person by nature.  In college I wanted to pursue a degree in marketing but the investment in business and computers proved too strong to change course.  I exercise that creative itch by doing marketing when I can in the course of my business life.  Web Sites, Video, Print, you name it.  I share all this to say that, to me, one of the most powerful things in marketing is the ability of a picture to convey not just an idea but a sense of place and context for that idea.  The right image can instantly bring someone to the same emotional and congnitive space as you, the wrong one can wreck a message by sending them to the wrong place.


When I set out to create the logo for Level 5 and I started looking at pyramid imagery I was immediately drawn to the images of Zen pyramids of stacked pebbles.  The roundness and natural texture of it conveyed for me the message of a human centered approach.  The Zen aspect embodied the idea of letting go of things that no longer served you and taking a longer and broader view.  I found just the right image, changed the top rock to gold to symbolize the achievment of Level 5 and we were off the to races.


I then showed the logo to my father to get his opinion.  Early in my career my father taught me much of what I know about people and business, and I was anxious to get his opinion of my creation.  His first comment was that if I was trying to convey that I was showing people how to get to Level 5 that a delicately balanced pile of rocks did not imply stability or long lasting achievement.  I wanted to slap my forehead and quote Homer Simpson. “Doh”…


So I set my original idea aside and started looking at traditional pyramids with solid Corporate looking foundations but none of them resonated.  I kept coming back to my Zen pebbles.  After a few days it hit me.  Level 5, whether for a company, a leader, or an individual is not something you achieve once and then sit back and rest on your laurels.   It requires that you maintain the balance and the solid foundation that got you there in the first place.  This doesn’t mean that like my pebble pyramid it cannot persist long after it is achieved or built, but it does mean that if you neglect the balance or the foundational levels that got you there you may not stay Level 5.


With that revelation the logo was set, and our mission to help others find balance began…

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