Level 5 Coaching Group | Retreat Facilitation
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Retreat Facilitation

retreat_smUnpluging the phones and from e-mail, getting out of the office, building trust and connections…


These kinds of things are often the foundation of the kinds of big shifts that transform businesses. Every leadership team should have a true undisturbed planning meeting at least once a year, if not quarterly, and the most productive meetings are off-site intensive retreats.


So what stops most organizations from doing it? The cold hard facts are that it is hard enough to get the time to get everyone together for a retreat or planning meeting, but the time to plan and put on an effective meeting can be 3, 5, even 10 times the time of the meeting itself. What busy leadership team has that kind of free time? Even if you do, how effective are most people at something they do only once every couple of years, at best.


Let Level 5 Coaching Group help you create an Off-Site Retreat or Full/Half Day On-Site planning meeting that will have long lasting impact. A meeting that everyone can walk away from feeling like time well spent. As part of our M-Pact  Retreat program we meet with you to determine your objectives then we handle all the details including:



  • Agenda Planning
  • Theming
  • Planning & Communication Tools
  • Presentation Development
  • Team Building Activities
  • Transportation Arrangements
  • Venue Selection and Management
  • Onsite Facilitation
  • Meeting Organization and Facilitation
  • Idea and Action Item Capture
  • Consultation
  • And more…

Let us show you the difference between an M-Pact retreat and getting together in the conference room on a Saturday.