Level 5 Coaching Group | Strategic Planning
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Strategic Planning

strategic_smLevel 5 Coaching Group works with clients to help them develop their own strategic planning tools, rhythms, and meeting structures. We bring a broad set of proven tools and ideas, yet we believe strongly that in order to become ingrained in the organizations DNA, these types of tools and structures MUST be rooted in each client’s own unique history and patterns. We do not believe in one size fits all solutions imposed by outsiders. Instead as coaches we work with the leadership to develop your own structures which serve the way YOU operate.

We believe a regular rhythm of planning and coordination meetings combined with a systematic approach to developing, iterating, and reporting on strategic and tactical goals results in faster and more agile reaction to changing conditions. It also helps to reduce the time an organization continues down a unproductive or failed road before making adjustments.

Many clients first reaction is “Oh no, more meetings”, yet we show them the problem is not in the meetings themselves, as they are a critical tool for fostering alignment and communication, but how they are implemented.  Combining initial facilitation and coaching with long lasting tools, we change meetings from something to dread into a critical strategic tool. Our meetings are short, laser focused, and content filled sessions, not boring, long-winded, wandering excursions.

Check out our resources section at this link for a sample of the kinds of strategic planning tools in our toolbox.