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Systems Design & Development

systems_smYour customers want consistent and positive encounters with your business. Believe it or not the letdown of an inconsistent experience can be more damaging than a mediocre consistent experience because you have set a positive expectation and then failed to live up to it. It certainly will result in more negative word of mouth. Think about the last time someone spontaneously recounted a “OK” experience to you. Now think about how often someone has spontaneously shared how an organization really let them down. The importance of this simple fact has increased a hundred fold in today’s social networking based environment.


Also, if you are committed at all to taking your business to the next level from a performance and delivery standpoint you have two choices. You either create robust and repeatable systems or plan to burn out your leaders and managers trying to ensure outcomes on an ad-hoc basis. Think for a second on how often you would get an Amazon tracking e-mail with all your tracking info as soon as your item shipped if it was the responsibility of a human to remember to do that after they shipped your box?


At Level 5 Coaching we are passionate about the power of systems. They are at the heart of our promise that the value you will get from us, unlike many consultants, lasts far longer than our engagement with you. Our Founding Coach, Bryan Gilliom, has been known for building robust and repeatable systems throughout his 30 year career in business. It is one of his passions. Let us bring that passion to your business!