Level 5 Coaching Group | Vision & Strategy Development
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Vision & Strategy Development

vision_smCore Values, Purpose, Vision… These kinds of things are at the heart of a Level 5 company. Don’t believe these things make a difference? Contrast the experience of walking into a Chick-Fil-A (a company with strong employee culture) versus a Taco Bell or an Apple Store (a store with a clear “brand experience”) to a Radio Shack. If your company is ever to be more than a projection of the daily mood of the leadership, or worse yet the individual team member who comes into contact with your customer, you have to stand for something. Great principles unleash and empower team members to make the right decisions on their own in their daily jobs. They reduce the requirements for supervision, increase consistency, and improve overall outcomes.


Most owners and senior leaders know this intuitively or have read it often enough to believe it. Yet many organizations don’t have formal principles like these, or if they do they are so bland or homogenized as consign them to dusty plaques on the break room wall.


So if we know the power of powerful core principles, and yet most organizations don’t have them what is standing in the way? ┬áMost organizations simply don’t know how to distill the oral tradition, shared lessons, and founding ideas into these core principles that will lead them to breakthrough. It is the process, not the belief in the ideas that are holding them back.


This is where Level 5 Coaching Group comes in. We have an intensive program where we work with not only the leadership but key employees at all levels to discover and then refine these principles into the kind of purpose, values, and mission that inspires and feels intimately at home and familiar to your team. The kind of principles that will have your team nodding in recognition and agreement when they are presented.


We then work with you on how to make the principles a key part of every aspect of your business. We help ensure the principles are alive on a daily basis from recruiting, to operations, to recognition and advancement.


Discovering these principles and making them a core part of every aspect of your business is the KEY to making the breakthrough transition to a Level 5 company and to all the amazing life changing benefits that transition represents for both you and your team.